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Birthdate:Dec 24
Location:United States of America
I am currently working as an only-slightly-glorified secretary (hence the journal title). So far, I've been working at the same place since 2008, but don't worry! It is only temporary, because I have plans. Oh yes, I have plans.

I'm sure they're around here somewhere...

Find your voice, do what it takes
Make sure you make lots of mistakes
And find the future that redeems
Give us hell, give us dreams

- Dar Williams, Teenagers, Kick Our Butts

"How old are you," asked Jem, "four-and-a-half?"
"Goin' on seven."
"Shoot no wonder, then," said Jem, jerking his thumb at me. "Scout yonder's been readin' ever since she was born, and she ain't even started to school yet."

- Harper Lee, To Kill A Mockingbird

"They'll give anyone a degree these days."
- Dr. Hank McCoy

"If you're gonna fly, honey... fly."
- Advice given to me by the coolest elderly customer ever

"I don't want a happy ending, I want more story."
- Mosca Mye, from Fly By Night by Frances Hardinge

The PR Stuff:

• Please, feel free to friend me if you are so inclined. Just slap a comment on something to let me know, because otherwise I may not notice for months and months and you will feel slighted when really I am just a pathetic dorkbrain who doesn't look at her own User Info.

• Likewise, feel free to unfriend me. It's my journal, and even I can't be bothered with it sometimes. I won't be upset, and I promise not to start a huge round of 'so-and-so is a PLAGIARIZER OMG!!!1!!1' posts and comments.

Even if it would be funny.

• If I have friended you, chances are I'm trying to be subtle about stalking you. No, just kidding - more than likely I thought you were interesting in some way, and was too shy to follow my own friending rules and actually say something about it. So... hi, and welcome to my Friends Page!

• I am not always good about replying to comments, particularly if they appear on older posts. This is because I am lazy. I love it when people comment on things and I do appreciate the effort you've made to reach out and touch somebody. So, 'thank you' and 'my apologies', all at once.

As regards to icons:

• Please, feel free to use whatever I post. I make way, way more than I could possibly use, and it's fun to run across them unexpectedly on the world wide web.

• On the rare occasion that an icon is meant for one person only, it will be clearly marked, and you should ask that person for permission to use it.

• Credit is nice. Also, let me know when you see one you like - it makes my ego happy!

• A moose once bit my sister.
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